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Patriotic Roofing Specializes in New Roof Installation around Arizona. However, we also install new Roofs in all cities in the Phoenix Metro Area including Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Paradise Valley, and Scottsdale. Our team is full of experts and professionals that will keep your site clean and get the job done right.

Ultimately, we take pride in all our projects whether it is repairs, installations, quoting, or customer satisfaction. Similarly, we consider each part of our business as a work of art.

Honestly, Patriotic Roofing just admires the well-crafted and clean-cut rooftops we see around the Arizona valley.  Overall, we love helping our clients update their homes with an investment that will last for years to follow. In Short, we want to make sure your new roof is repaired and installed correctly.  Basically, our team of experts can get you a quote and repair your roof today. Just give us a call

4 Simple Steps to Install a New Roof

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Step 1:

First, examine your roof from any safe location. Is it leaking? Are Tiles Falling off? Can it Be Repaired or does it need to be replaced? Next, feel confident and call Patriotic Roofing to get a Free Quote and Estimate.

Step 2:

Secondly, begin to demo and trash the old roof and underlying material. Usually, you will fill up at least 1 entire dumpster! Accordingly, Roll out a new Under Layer and make sure it is water-tight!

Step 3:

Thirdly, You can now bring the new tiles to the top of the roof. Spread them out in small stacks spaced out for easy access and organization. Realistically, this step is actually one of the hardest steps to do yourself, unless you have the right tools.

Top 3 Most Common Roof Types

Step 4:

Finally, you just need to Measure, Lay, and Cut new tiles to fit the open areas. If you called Patriotic Roofing, you can rest easy that your roof will protect you for decades to come.

Roof Install Costs

New Roof Installation Costs

Select The Roof Type Material

First, Select the Tile or Shingle, or Roof Type you would like to use. Accordingly, some materials last longer than others (30-year vs 50-year Tiles), and Contractors can estimate your costs lower with low-quality materials. For more information check out our Roof Types Here.

Calculate Total Roof Area

Second, Calculate the Total Area of the Roof you would like Replaced. Usually, other factors can act as a variable to the new roof installation cost such as: Roof Pitch, Different Levels of Roof, or Roof Complexity. However, on our onsite inspection, we have all the tools we need to make this very simple and accurate.

Get Different Quotes

In conclusion, in order for you to calculate the cost of a New Roof Installation, you will need to understand the different price ranges that contractors will offer, some are low, some are in the middle and some are high. Usually, the difference in costs will determine the quality of the Contractor's Labor and the Roof Type they are using. With Patriotic Roofing, we will work with you on getting the Right Materials, and accurate estimates to have a perfect roof Installation that meets your highest Looks and Costs expectations. 

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