Top 3 Most Common Roof Types

Here are the most common roof types you will see in Arizona. 

The Three Most Common Roof Types in Arizona

Asphalt Shingles Common roof Type

#3. Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingles are popular and super cost-effective, they are strong and do a great job protecting your home. Accordingly, these shingles lay flat and do not add much volume to your roof, but they are simple and have a traditional home look and feel. Specifically, in Arizona, these shingles perform well against the Summer Monsoons and heat. However, if the rooftop is damaged they are easy to repair.  Overall, Patriotic Roofing loves and recommends Asphalt Shingles and reliable choice for an Arizona Rooftop. Now, we know why this is one of the most common roof types in Arizona. 

#2. Curved Clay Tiles

Curved Clay Tiles are another more common roof type you will see around town. These tiles are simple to repair, find and match your existing colors, and commonly fits in with your neighborhood roof style. Moreover, these tiles are strong enough for the Summer Monsoons, and more cost-effective than the new Plana Flat Tiles. 

Usually, if you ever have to do the occasional roof walk for Christmas lights or other reasons, we recommend you step in the down-curved portion of the tile. Generally, we don’t recommend going on your roof (leave it to us). Ultimately, walking on these tiles by this method will help you keep balance and give you more support. 

Curved Clay Tile Roof Common Roof Type
Plana Flat Tiles Common Roof Type

#1. Plana Flat Interlocking Roof Tiles

Plana Flat Tiles are the new roof type that is growing in popularity here in Arizona. Plan Flat Tiles are becoming more common on newer home builds around Arizona.  They have a flat tile look that makes them strong against the weather and heat and adds a sleek new look to most homes. The look and feel of these tiles gives houses a fresh new look that breaks the mold of cookie cutter homes. We often update the curved clay tiles to the new flat tile type and it makes the house look spectacular and brand new, but with a slightly higher cost. 

Essentially, these tiles lay flat which can be a huge advantage. For example, if you ever have to do the occasional roof walk for Christmas lights or other random reasons. As opposed to Curved Clay Tiles, your feet will be secure and you can walk on any part of this tile. 

Top 3 Most Common Roof Types Summary

Modern Roof Structure Type
Curved Clay Tile Roof Common Roof Type
Most Common Roof Structure Type
Asphalt Shingle Roof in Mesa
Classic and Elegant Roof Structure Type

Plana Flat Tiles are great for updating the look of your home, safe to walk on, and usually a bit higher in cost. These tiles are strong, reliable, and simple for maintenance. Accordingly, we are starting to see these tiles are Arizona residents upgrading their home looks to a more modern feel. Check out more Residential Roofing Here.

Curved Clay Tiles are popular and super common among most neighborhoods, they are strong and reliable against the heat and other Arizona weather elements. These Roof types have ben tested over the years and are the most reliable and most common roof type in Arizona.  Contact us Here

Asphalt Shingles are common and extremely cost-effective, strong, reliable, and do a great job protecting your home for years. These Roof types are also being considered on a lot of new modern remodels we are doing. They make the roof stick out and rest of the housing structures look great. Check out more of what Patriotic Roofing has to offer here.

Many Other Roof Types Exist!

Not Surprisingly, Arizona has a pretty steady climate, however, the extreme heat and desert storms that roll in are extremely unpredictable wind and debris can still damage most rooftops. Consequently, Patriotic Roofing put together this list of the top 3 most common roof types to choose from in the Arizona Valley. Ultimately, we want to help you with your Roof research and see what the latest trends and styles are! 

The other common types of roof materials not listed here are:

1. Metal Roofs
2. Wood Shake
3. Flat Roofs 

If you are looking for Residential Roofing or Commercial Roofing, our prices cannot be beaten. We offer free estimates and it will do what it takes to earn your business. Overall, we have all the materials to meet your needs no matter what roof type you are looking for. 

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