Why us

Johnny Hammond Owner/CEO of Patriotic Roofing


John has been in the industry for over 25 years, he has seen and worked with all types of repairs and installations. There is no circumstance he cannot overcome

We have the Power

Good roofing teams with experiance and team leaders are hard to find and maintain. We have been around for long enough to know how to keep the best employees that will get the job done right.

Certified Roof Repair & Installs

Patriotic Roofing won't just repair or install a roof the cheap and fast way. We do it the right way and in the right time frame. We make sure the roofs are inspected and will pass the test of time. We stand by that promise.

Don't Trust us? see what our customers say!

IMPRESSED! If you're a Real Estate Agent, Seller, Buyer, or just need someone to fix/repair your roof, look no further! Why can't all roofing companies operate like Patriotic Roofing? Speed: We are currently selling one of our properties that needed minor roof repairs done quickly! I called numerous roofing companies and went to voicemails. When I contacted John at Patriotic Roofing, he literally emailed me back within minutes and provided a firm quote. Service: John at Patriotic Roofing was awesome with answering my questions and providing great service. Hassel Free: Patriotic Roofing gave me a quote within a couple hours of providing them my inspection report of the work that needed to be done. John didn't try to upsell me, talk down to me, or make the job seem bigger than it was. He gave me a quote and came out to do the job within a few days. Price: More than fair. John at Patriotic Roofing does small roof repairs to complete new roof replacements. Patriotic Roofing actually beat all other estimates. Overall: Super fast to reply back to you, super low prices, hassell free, comes out within a few days to do the job, and communicates clearly. I've referred him to numerous people already!

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